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Secret Gift

The Act That Inspired So Many To Give Back

“The fact that he did it didn’t surprise me because he’s just a good kid and obviously cared for others…”

In October 2003, tragedy struck when 19-year-old Chris Groom was involved in a fatal auto accident while on his way to work. Just days after this heartbreaking loss, the Groom family uncovered a hidden act of kindness that Chris had carried out a year before his passing.

During the Christmas season of 2002, after attending services at North Raleigh United Methodist Church, Chris discreetly handed an envelope to the pastor. Inside was $100 in cash, a substantial gift for a young man earning only minimum wage. Chris had entrusted this money to ensure that some less fortunate children would experience the joy of Christmas, a gesture he wished to remain a secret, especially from his parents, Mike and Suzanne.

The pastor, deeply moved by Chris’ compassion, tearfully shared this touching story at Chris’ funeral. It left a profound impact on family and friends, inspiring the Groom family to build upon Chris’ legacy. They established the Chris Groom Memorial Fund to continue his mission of helping underprivileged children. Through this fund, they aspire to transform Chris’ initial loving gift into a substantial resource for those in need, just as he had hoped on that Sunday in church.

Out of their unimaginable loss, the Groom family has found a way to honor their son’s memory and bring meaning to the tragedy that claimed him at such a young age. They invite you to join in celebrating Chris’s life by generously contributing to the Chris Groom Memorial Fund.

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We have transformed Chris’ Secret Gift into a substantial resource dedicated to supporting less fortunate children.


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