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Explore the touching impact statements from Chris Groom's family, friends, and devoted volunteers who have dedicated their time and resources to uphold Chris' memory. After reading these inspiring accounts, consider sharing your own. Your unique perspective can help us further amplify our mission and continue honoring Chris' legacy.

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I am the office receptionist at Baileywick Elementary School. I have worked with Team Chris for several years and they are nothing short of amazing!

Team Chris fills our clothing closet every year for our kiddos who need a change of clothes during the day. If I am in need of anything throughout the school year for the closet or a specific student, I know I can count on Team Chris to make it happen! They have provided many families of ours with winter jackets, clothes and even food.

I can’t thank them enough for what they do for our school community. I look forward to seeing Suzanne each year!

Thank you TEAM CHRIS!

Dana Chavis